The child is with us in the foreground

Our concept is based on the individual needs of the children to share with modern and scientifically based training methods. With fun and games, the kids are prepared for the technical details and a variety of game situations.


The training groups are divided in groups, according to age and level. The game idea and the fun is a big part of our training system. Social aspects such as team spirit, fairness, inclusion in the team structure or recognition of the rules of the game, are not missing.


Whether team player or game beginners, whether boy or girl .... with us every child is in good hands!


Advantages of the ESA Soccer -Holiday-

* Rejoicing in Game & Fun with like- minded people

* with selected practiceis in the foreground

* High learning & and fun factor for girls and boys

* Payable and conceptional supporting of “my” child on vacations

* Experiencing of team spirit

* Advanced players and beginners are welcome

* Thus different days of arrival and departure

* A daily start with practice is possible

* Technical, tactical and playful development of the individual skills

* Learning & Experiencing in a great atmosphere --> discover new things

* No general animation, but a chance to get a good education

* Kids are busy while parents are relaxin

* ABC for beginners => first steps and introduction in a new sports under perfect circumstances

* Possibility of tournament experience & parents/ children activity

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